May 23, 2017

Can America Borrow Your Wall?

At least the Jews in Israel have a wall to keep out undesirables unlike America which hasn't the balls to build one. 

May 20, 2017

Could A "Strength Through Joy" Plan Work In America?

The White middle-class working person is the backbone of the American economy. Without it, the present system would collapse from Jewish and non-White parasitism.  
Under National Socialism in Germany, there was a program for the White workers titled "Strength Through Joy" (Kraft durch Freude) was set up so that all aspects of a White worker’s non-working time were looked after. "Strength Through Joy" supervised after-work activities, holidays and leisure time. "Strength Through Joy" served a main purpose which was to produce an environment within the country whereby the average worker was provided activities and holidays that in ‘normal’ circumstances they could not afford as individuals.
Robert Ley was put in charge of "Strength Through Joy".
By 1936, KdF had a membership of 30 million. The scope of the organization was vast. It arranged theater trips, summer holidays, skiing holidays, summer and winter hikes, cruises and outdoors activities. People living in the countryside had trains made available for them to get into a city to watch theater performances.
The number of people who participated in KdF events was huge. In 1934, 2.1 million people took part in some form of KdF event. By 1937, this had risen to 9.6 million. Between 1936 and 1937, over 1 million hikes were organized. Italy was one of the few European countries to help out. Cheap skiing holidays were held in the Italian Alps while in the summer around 30,000 people holidayed on the Italian Riviera. "Strength Through Joy" ships took White families on cruise holidays.
There were also NS family camps that could be attended. At these camps, the day started with the raising of the swastika flag and ended with the flag being taken down. 
Robert Ley constantly reminded the German workers that they should be grateful for what the state had provided for them:
“The worker sees that we are serious about raising his social position. He sees that it is not the so-called ‘educated classes’ whom we send out as representatives of the new German, but himself, the German worker, whom we show to the world." (Ley)
"Strength Through Joy" also set up an arrangement for a White family to purchase a car – the People’s Car; the Volkswagen. Adolf Hitler approved of the Volkswagen and workers were allowed to make monthly payments towards a new car, which were recorded in a savings book. 
A country run by National Socialists in America would be a welcome relief for White workers and their families. A "Strength Through Joy" would bond families and community's and provide a break from the over taxation and exploitation and reverse discrimination that is occurring nowadays.