September 23, 2017

Bigger Isn't Always Better! How A Little Country Produces An Enormous Amount Of Food For The World!

Dutch agriculture is highly intensive and export focused,  [a report on the Dutch food market for US exporters] said. “Total agricultural exports are estimated at $78.3 billion, making the Netherlands the second largest exporter of food and agriculture. The temperate climate, fertile soils, and educated labor force make the Netherlands a highly productive agricultural producer. However, the large and sophisticated food processing industry accounts for a significant portion of exports. The Netherlands is a small country geographically, but with the Port of Rotterdam and the confluence of four major rivers, the E.U. traders and importers are here.”

September 16, 2017

The Reason The Enemy Wants To Rid White Americans Of Their Racial Culture?

To understand why the System wants to destroy and move all icons of White American history we need to go to a good White philosopher to understand. No one can do a better job at it than Nietzsche. Here is what Nietzsche said about White culture and history:

In an early essay titled "On the Use and Abuse of History for Life", Nietzsche contrasted “the condition of a people which has lost faith in its ancient history and has fallen into a restless…and a constant search for novelty after novelty”, with the individual who has cultivated a “historical sense”, and attained “the sense of well being of a tree for its roots, the happiness to know oneself in a manner not entirely arbitrary and accidental, but as someone who has grown out of a past, as an heir, flower, and fruit.”
Our nature is sculpted not only by early personal life experiences and the traits and dispositions inherited from our ancestors, but also, according to Nietzsche, by historical forces. The traditions and “experiments” of past cultures continue to live on within us, influencing our life and experience from the deeper layers of our psyche.

In these uncivilized layers reside what Zarathustra called “the beast within” – potentially destructive inclinations which can overtake and possess the human being, such as the drive to aggression and unbridled sexual lust.

Instead of advocating for the repression of the beast within, Nietzsche recommended we explore and become familiar with these potentially destructive vestiges of the ancient past. Just as a raging river can be harnessed for its energy, so too the uncivilized layers of the psyche, if channeled and handled properly, can vitalize life.

The modern individual has all but lost touch with these ancient instincts. Relying solely on his consciousness, his “weakest and most fallible organ”, he stumbles blindly through life, oblivious that in the recesses of his mind are archaic helpers, which, if he knew how to harness them, could assist him in the many situations in life where consciousness fails. 

September 13, 2017

Just Like I Predicted!

When the National Socialist Movement and their pro race-mixing Commander and the alt-right were banging their chests like Tarzan about the holy alliance they had made together, I made a prediction. This was a over a year before the Charlottesville craziness.  Here it is:

June 20, 2016

COMMENTATE: Here's my prediction! This whole alliance thing is just what the System wants to bust the entire pro-White Movement...

I was pretty close in what I said . What I didn't count on was the fallout affecting those groups and websites not wanting to be part of that wishy-washy alliance (like my lobbyist blog). Grrrrr.

September 12, 2017

Typical looting by Black Americans!

Well, black Americans sure haven't lost their notoriety for illegal looting when chaos or destructive weather (like Hurricane Irma)or the police department goes on strike.
America's future!