Saturday, March 25, 2017

Is Drinking Alcohol A Part Of White Culture?

A lot of White people have a misconception that alcohol is a mind altering addiction when it fact it has been a prime mover of White civilization from the beginning fueling the development of the arts, religion, and languages.

Alcoholic beverages were a by-product of White civilization and not central to it. If you look on any German website (German Brewers Federation) you will be educated to the fact that alcohol was an offshoot of bread-making by the first White farmers in Europe. Later, it blossomed at medieval abbeys (the Church) and started becoming a mainstream White people's product to consume. In fact, ancient Greek warriors grated goat cheese into their beer.

The mind-altering effects of booze has fired up White creativity and accelerated the development of the arts. Upon examining White history one will discover a link to booze that fostered and pushed White civilization from farming to writing faster than other non-White people.

Where did it all begin?

Millions of years ago our ape ancestors started eating fermented fruit laying on the ground and it made a difference. We were preadapted to consuming alcohol. If a primate could come down from the tree and get the fermented fruit faster there was an advantage. You defeated your rivals and competition and become stronger and most likely had a better chance of reproducing. What made the primate different from man nowadays is the monkey didn't come out of the tree to eat the fruit to get drunk. Man started that when he figured out how to make it in quantities!

Nowadays, the modern  world is awash in booze. Fifteen-year-olds drink one or two glasses a day of it. Today, the compulsive nature of drinking by White people could facilitate their extinction.

Perhaps, White people need to rethink and go back to the logic of their ancestors when it comes to drinking alcohol:
  • First drink for health
  • Second drink for pleasure
  • Third drink for sleep. Afterwards the guests or tavern customers go home.
  • Fourth drink leads to violence
  • Fifth drink to uproar
  • Sixth drink to drunkenness
  • Seventh drink to black eyes
COMMENTATE: There is another reason that White people like booze. White people can be a very hard-headed people and get frustrated easily and need something quick to mellow them down, i.e., after a hard days work of being exploited by greedy capitalists or having to live near rowdy non-Whites.

Lastly, I am not a proponent or opponent when it comes to drinking alcohol beverages. However, I do abide by the National Socialist code of conduct that believes responsibility intertwines with ones actions.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Understanding The Laws Of Nature!

 The worst kind of American National Socialist is the kind that verbally spews out the IDEA positions without understanding what they mean. For instance, when speaking about  "the laws of nature". I betcha if you ask any other so-called National Socialist in America (besides American Nazi Party activists) what does that mean? Most would have their tongue tied in a knot or you would hear a lot of "duh,er duh".
Why is it important for National Socialists to understand the "laws of nature"? It's because how can you lead and govern if you don't understand how people work and think?

National Socialism believes in applying and adhering to the 'laws of nature" to Aryan mankind and all of mankind. For example, strong human leadership can take cues from the animal kingdom:

  • EAT LIKE A COYOTE - After a coyote kills their prey they tear open the abdomen and eat the organs first. It's because the viscera fats provide quick nutrients. LESSON: Resist convention by seeking value in the things others ignore.
  • BLITZ LIKE A FALCON - The peregrine falcon is the fastest creature on earth. It can dive at 240 miles an hour on its prey. LESSON: Commit fully to your goal before you strike. Move quickly and act decisively.
  • PIVOT LIKE A MOUNTAIN GOAT - A surefooted mountain goat walks on a dicey terrain to survive and can change direction on a dime to avoid a fall. LESSON: Doing a quick pivot on your tactics and goals can be terrifying; but it helps a person to break out of ruts and can end up yielding victories.
  • FACE FEAR LIKE A BUFFALO - When a storm is approaching most animals run away from it. Buffalo run right toward it to minimize the amount of time they are exposed to its elements. LESSON: So face adversity head on and power whatever comes your way.